Welcome to my secret night garden, a cozy little corner of the World Wide Web to indulge in the loving fantasy of vampires, medieval knights and passion.

This is my place dedicted to Forever Knight.

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This is not really an update, just a note to let people know that I will not be updating my site for a while. I am currently at a stage of my life that I am forced to put some of my extra curricular activities aside and focus on more important things. This doesn't mean that I'm leaving the fandom or that the site will disappear, it just means that I'll be taking a break from both, at least for a while. I hope you enjoy what is here so far and that at some point in the future, I'll get the chance to come back to it again.

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The Forever Knight pictures used on this site are from Kristin's 'Knight Vision' site, Lois Dodson's 'A Little Knight Magic' and the First Unofficial Forever Knight website. You can find links to these great sites in my Links archive.


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