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In the Name of the Code


My first Forever Knight piece. A novel about love, deception, jealousy, betrayal and our beloved characters. Click on the link to go to the individual novel page.
Butterfly, a leap into fire and light


Written in Feb 2002. Nicholas finds a companion in his solitude, and tells the story of his guilt, sorrow, and disillusionment to his newfound friend, along with the story of his meeting with a maiden called Jean d'Arc.
Velvet Sunset

Velvet Sunset.txt

June 2002. How would an ordinary person react to an extraordinary story? What if Natalie told her life story to a friend, and she were to decide what to do with it? Would a tragic story be more heartbreaking if you thought it were true or just made up by a forlorn imagination to mend a broken heart?
LK Confidential

LK Confidential.txt

October 2002. The uncovering of what really happened in Last Knight.
Tell Him

Tell Him.txt

February 2003. LaCroix and Fleur's spirit have a heart to heart talk, after Valentine's Day.


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Subcultural Warriors: discussing identity and activism in the Forever Knight Fan Culture

In .doc format. This is a paper I wrote for an art and activism course in my fourth year of university--for which I got an A. It focuses on the Forever Knight fandom's characteristics--mailing lists, factions and wars--; its influence on the members' personal and social identities, and the fans' activities and goals seen from the viewpoint of activism.



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